What is a Gibberic?

What is a Gibberic?

Reginald and Seamus stood about brushing themselves down while Sid pulled cactus spines out of his behind.

“Lucky we landed on something soft there, I’d say,” remarked Reginald as he handed the now reverted hat back to Seamus, who nodded in agreement.

“That soft landing was me!” exclaimed Sid in a very exasperated voice.

“Yes, my dear chum, and we’re most grateful to you, aren’t we, Seamus?”

Seamus just winked sarcastically.

“Why you little…” Sid turned and grabbed what looked like a coconut hanging on the blackened branches of a nearby tree. Just as he pulled his hand back to his ear to throw it at the little green pest, he was deafened by a high-pitched scream and the sensation of something moving in his hand. Turning his head to the right he came face to face with a brown, furry, cross-eyed creature with eight very short legs and a big eyebrow that stretched from one eye to the other…

From the novel The Heart of Sitnatia by Adam Biggs – Il Moscardino



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